I’ve had the privilege to take portraits of some lovely people here on the Coast. Here are some with my comments.

Patricia Hetherington

Patricia needed a new realtor photo and I had been recommended by Lynn Masters. We had such a good time that day. I noticed when she tilted her head to the left, her feminine side emerged and there was a softness and lightness to those photos. She thanked me for giving her back her smile.

Lynn Masters

Until recently, Lynn Masters was a realtor here on the Coast. She’s one of those go-to ladies who can handle most any task and the Coast will miss her. I believe there are grandchildren who will benefit from our loss.


Ann at Gramma’s Pub

I’ve taken lots of pictures at Gramma’s Pub for their advertising but this is one of my favorites because Ann is so friendly. She’s also a very creative person.


Mikayla Custance

Mikayla modeled for one of our photography classes and was amazing to work with. For part of the shoot we went to the end of Bonniebrook beach in the early evening to catch the sunset light. I think you can tell we did just that.


Mike Worsfold

My coach, Mike Worsfold, needed a quick image for a flyer. We took this on his deck on a misty afternoon. He’s a great coach, lovely man. We laugh a lot..