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Wendy Crumpler

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Meditation II

Get into a comfortable position.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Slower. Deeper. Softer. Be gentle with yourself.

Breathe into the spaces that are tight, controlled, holding.

Breathe in to your belly, to your lower back, your pelvic muscles, your jaw.

Breathe into your feet and hands, all the way to your fingers and toes.

Breathe in, release tension, melt cares and concerns.


You are Divine.

Your every breath is beloved, your every move is beloved.

In your worst moments, you are beloved. In your finest hour, you are beloved.

You are a cloud unfolding, merging, flowing.

Thunderous or light you make your passage through this place and time.

There are no bad clouds.

There is no bad you.

You simply are.

And every choice you make leads you back to the Divine.

It’s inevitable. You will go there.

Don’t fret about your choices.

Breathe in.

Be led.

Be love.

Place your hands on your heart and forgive everything, including your self.

Breathe in.

You are here.