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Nia and Energy

Nia is always fun but some days it’s so much more. Today we did an older routine, Chains, but gave it new life. We’ve been working with the concept of conscious movement, and one way to move consciously is to recognize and engage the flow of energy through the body. I illustrated the difference by asking everyone to raise their hands, then drop them. Next, I asked them to close their eyes and do the same movement but sense energy moving from the armpit down the arm bones and into the hand to lift the hand, then feel energy contract under the armpit to bring the arm down. There was a marked difference in the quality of the movement. Finally, I had the group move energy from the Hara  (the energy vortex centered at the navel) all the way through the arm. This brought out ooohs and aaaahhhs as people enjoyed pure sensation moving through their bodies. We stepped into the routine from there and experienced it like never before, drenched at the end and blissful. Working with energy, really feeling it and moving it, creates a sense of oneness with the universe because everything is energy.

The greatest energy is Love and wow, we love Nia.


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