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Wendy Crumpler

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NOTE: This was written for a women’s gathering. Feel free to adapt it for mixed groups or men only.

Get in a comfortable position with both feet on the floor or sitting cross-legged with your spine erect. Close your eyes, then allow your head to float up and away from your shoulders. Lengthen and open your spinal column. Let your back widen, making room for the lungs to stretch.

Breathe in and out, slowly, rhythmically, finding a pace that fills you and relaxes you. In and out.

Now, relax more.

Look into your heart and see there a point of white light. Allow the light to expand—brighter, softer, larger until you feel yourself floating in that light.

The light becomes a portal and you can sense yourself floating along this shimmering path. You are being led to a clearing in the forest. Majestic trees surround the clearing and delicate flowers in beautiful hues are all around.

There are other portals emerging in this space. Your sisters have arrived! Each one of you moves gracefully to a throne that awaits you. You recognize your throne as it is a reflection of your own beauty and strength. Sit and relax there, breathing in and breathing out.

With each inhalation you take in the light, the love, the support in this space.

And with each exhalation you see coming out of you all your doubts, your fears, your jealousies and lack of self-love. Anything you have to release flows out easily with your breath. As you breathe deeper you realize you are releasing the pains of the world. For you are healing your self, and as you do, all humanity follows. You are grateful to be the conduit of that love, of that light, of that healing.

Sense the women standing just outside the circle, the women who will claim their own thrones, their own power and be grateful for the part you play in their return to wholeness. Smile at your sisters and hear the voices of your higher selves, your guides, your angels.

Be grateful, be grateful, be grateful.

Your portal of light begins to glow and grow around you to bring you back to the third dimension. Allow yourself to float joyfully and gratefully into your own space. When you are back in your body, take three deep breathes and when you are ready, open your eyes.

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